About Storm Service & Trading

Storm Service & Trading is specialised in the maintenance and repair of Smit MAN and Smit BOLNES ship engines. We offer our services on a worldwide 24/7 basis.

Professional and quick

Storm Service & Trading technicians are specialised in the maintenance and supply of ship engine parts. You can call on us for our expertise on demand or have your ship engines in regular maintenance. Because we have many parts in stock we are able to help you quickly in case of a malfunction. If a part unexpectedly isn’t in stock, we will supply you with the part as soon as possible.

Deployable worldwide

Storm Service & Trading serves customers in inland, coastal, and maritime navigation. Many maintenance activities are performed in our own workshop in Krimpen aan den IJssel. However, if your ship’s engine needs maintenance while out, we would love to help you wherever you are at that moment. Our mechanics are deployable worldwide and will quickly be on location whenever you have a malfunction.


Our employees have broad technical expertise. Still, we as an organisation are mostly specialised in ship’s engines by Smit MAN, Smit BOLNES, Deutz, MAK, and Wartsila. We have a wide range of parts in stock for these engines. These are oftentimes new parts, but we also have plenty of refurbished parts for older engines directly available from stock.


Storm Service & Trading greatly values quality. We safeguard this quality by regularly sending our mechanics to courses and by working according to various certifications’ standards. Examples of certifications we possess are the ISO, NEN, and VCA certificates.

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