Is there a part of your ship’s engine that needs to be replaced? Storm Service & Trading will help you! We have a large stock of engine parts we supply worldwide.

Ship parts immediately available from stock

Storm Service & Trading is an official supplier for Smit Bolnes and Smit MAN. Most parts for engines of these brands are always in stock. If a part isn’t in stock, Storm Service & Trading will deliver the parts to your location within an agreed upon time period.

New and refurbished parts

A large portion of parts stock consists of new parts. These parts come directly from the factory or have been customarily made in our workshop. Besides new parts, you can also choose for refurbished engine parts. This allows you to cut down on repair costs. Also, specific ship engine parts have long delivery times because the supplier does not typically make them anymore. Refurbished parts can be a good solution in these cases.

No third-party dependability

Used parts are refurbished in the Storm Service & Trading workshop. We do this in our own workshop so we do not rely on third parties. Refurbishing is done according to factory specifications and by experienced mechanics.

Direct contact

Storm Service & Trading is used nationally and internationally by shipowners, shipping companies and shipping engine suppliers for technical support on marine engines. Would you like to know more about Storm Service & Trading services, or do you want to instantly get a mechanic for a malfunction? Contact us directly at +31 (0) 180 518 321 or mail to

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