Storm Service & Trading repairs and maintains worldwide shipping engines, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are also your partner for the sale and purchase of parts of marine engines.


Storm Service & Trading is on hand 24/7 for servicing marine engines. Our employees are able to act quickly in case of malfunction and are available for preventive maintenance of marine engines of various brands.

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We have a large inventory of components for marine engines from different manufacturers. The stock consists of new parts and parts that are reconditioned in our own workshop. Storm Service & Trading supplies the components worldwide.

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A reliable marine engine is important for the continuity of your business. Boat engine diagnostics help prevent problems during business operations. Storm Service & Trading therefore helps you with periodic diagnosis and incidental diagnosis, for example after damage.

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Smit Bolnes Replacing Main Bearing (Asia)

Order from Client to replace all Main Bearing from their Main Engine “Smit Bolnes L308 HDK”.

Original  Bearings supplied by Storm Service and trading own Stock.

Smit Bolnes L 308 HDk (Europe)

Renewing V-seal on crankshaft

We operate worldwide

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